Anybody working on a PEP308 summary?

Erik Max Francis max at
Sun Feb 9 22:08:30 CET 2003

Michele Simionato wrote:

> I would like people to be able to choose their field between different
> categories, such as
> 1) I am against in any case
> 2) I don't care, I am neutral
> 3) I am pro only if this or that form is used
> 4) I am fine with Guido's proposal

There's at least one additional case worth mentioning, sort of between 3
and 4.  It's, "I'd prefer one of these forms, but not if they put too
much of a burden on implementation/break too many addition rules (such
as adding new keywords, punctuation), but will defer to Guido's proposal
in the event nothing else is accepted."

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