Joining strings versus augmented assignment

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Sun Feb 2 04:36:23 CET 2003

>>Andy Todd wrote:
>>>I couldn't find any obvious references to this in the documentation or
>>>in this group.
>>>Would anyone care to explain why this is so to a poor ignoramous?

Bengt Richter wrote:
> IMO we need to keep in mind that the language is not defined by accidental
> details of implementation, and try to avoid leading people into believing
> that bad peformance for certain operations is necessarily cast in concrete.
> IOW, language-wise, what matters is the implementation-independent semantics.

He asked it be in the documentation, but didn't say it had to be
in the language specification.  There could conceivably be documentation
for the implementation.  Eg, the Jython documentation includes a (very
outdated) description of what's different between the C and Java
implementations of Python, at .

So Andy Todd could be looking for such documentation.  Which doesn't
really exist.

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