Case insensitivity

Alex Martelli aleax at
Sat Feb 22 17:26:44 CET 2003

Arthur wrote:
> But if we are all beginners, in the sense you put it, why do you need to
> speak on behalf of a particular kind of beginner.  It always seemed to me
> that this was an attemept to bring some emotional clout to the argument.

I've said it several times on this thread, already, and I'll keep
repeating it as long as you keep trying to pretend you can't read, 
I guess: it's _harder_ for a total beginner, who IS in any case 
having to confront many _INEVITABLE_ conceptual difficulties at
the same time, and may be prone to "blame themselves", with a loss
of self-confidence, for being unable to see a good rationale for
a certain behavior on the new tool's part.  For somebody who's just
a beginner at using specific module or package X, but well knows from
past general experience that Python has this specific wart, the
wart entails a small loss of productivity; for a total beginner the
impact can be worse, depending how much self-confidence they start
with and how much general experience that, sigh, computers can and
do behave stupidly at times (because they're so programmed), just
as doors are often mis-designed to require "push" vs "pull" instructions.

> But you now quite well you are only saying the same thing again, in
> another way. Just adding a polemicists spin.

I know perfectly well I'm saying the same thing again, but that's
because you keep attacking with silly rhetorical questions such as
"why do you need" &c when I've explained it over and over AND over
again -- and in just about the same words, too.  Not that I hope
to "make you understand", because, if you have NOT understood given
the many times I have already repeated this over the last couple
days, it's pretty clear you don't really care at all about such
understanding; I'm just ensuring this is established beyond any
reasonable doubt -- that you're trolling and/or deliberately trying
to stoke a flamewar, with such cheap tricks as the above rhetorical
question, accusations about "bringing emotional clouts", loaded
words such as "polemicist", and perhaps even deliberate, grating
typos and ortography errors such as "attemept" and the omission of
the apostrophe in "a polemicists spin" (but you won't draw me into
a spelling-flamewar, even though your perhaps-artful sloppiness
does manage to be quite grating).  Once I feel this _is_ indeed
firmly established to my own satisfaction, I can then finally
plonk you with a clear conscience.


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