[Q] Learning ZOPE

Kyler Laird Kyler at news.Lairds.org
Fri Feb 7 04:22:08 CET 2003

"Young-Jin Lee" <ylee12 at uiuc.edu> writes:

>I would like to know what is the best way to learn ZOPE.
>I was reading the online ZOPE book on the ZOPE web sites, but I gave it up
>because the book is not written well.

Oh, boy.  I know that feeling.

>Can any one point me out the better way?

The best thing you can do is find someone to guide you.

If that's not an option but you have some time to pursue
this at a leisurely pace, just install Zope and start
banging on it.  Start small and just try making some
simple Python Scripts.

When you need a break from programming, take a look at
this article.
It's not going to teach you how to program, but it might
give you a different way of looking at the big picture.

BTW, I've been stumbling around Zope for...uh...years?!
I am still constantly learning new ways of doing things
and stubbing my toes.  It's a *lot* to take in, but you
don't need to understand everything in order to be able
to do a lot.


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