Project needs a name (was: Summary: as a multi-language portal (was: Some thoughts about Python, and non-English languages))

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Feb 14 14:18:53 CET 2003

Fred Pacquier wrote:
> "M. Müller-Oertel" <mueller-oertel at> said :
> > Since the presented concept got many friendly comments (thank you
> > all!), I decided to continue working on it.
> >
> > Now this little (?) project urgently needs a name. I performed a
> > one-man-brainstorming and wrote down these:
> >
> >  * Cosmopolitan Python
> >  * Python for Everyone (a variant of "computer programming for
> >  everybody") * International Python
> >
> > What do you think? Any comment on these and any other idea and is most
> > welcome!
> I guess such a project, by its very nature, should strive for a language-
> neutral name, not an english one : an acronym maybe, a twist like the
> suggested "P4n", or a mix of neutral names like "Babel Python" ?

(As EMF has suggested in parallel.)

It's too bad that even this is not language-neutral, as any English
speaker would of course have to pronounce it as "P-foreign", which 
shows the usual strong anglocentric bias that anything not English
must therefore be foreign.  ;-)


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