3D graphics programmers using Python?

Carlos Ribeiro cribeiro at mail.inet.com.br
Mon Feb 3 01:09:41 CET 2003

On Sunday 02 February 2003 09:27 pm, Brandon Van Every wrote:
> It's rather analogous to what I'll do with game AI someday.  I don't
> know how I'll solve it, there will be many methods tried.  I will first
> create a pathfinding and analysis library in C++ for efficiency, then I
> will probably use Python to glue different approaches together.

I've been thinking about it for years, but somehow never got the time - I was 
always involved with something else. I think that strategy games could 
benefit a lot from this approach.

My vision is to have a complete library with the high performance primitives, 
pretty much as you said: path finding is just one example, but I would also 
include generic libraries for AI stuff such as genetic algorithms and fuzzy 
logic (btw, I found fuzzy logic pretty easy to implement in Python - using 
lots of functional programming stuff and list comprehensions - although I 
didn't measure performance at the time I've done it). The AI players would be 
written as 'loadable modules', in such a way that it would be really simple 
and convenient to upgrade the AI.

I know that some games use a similar approach, however, I'm not sure why isn't 
it more widely used. 

Carlos Ribeiro
cribeiro at mail.inet.com.br

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