3D graphics programmers using Python?

Brandon Van Every vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com
Thu Feb 6 20:32:54 CET 2003

Richard Jones wrote:
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>>>> There's also the issue of time.  I certainly do *not* have one
>>>> week, in fact not even one *day*, right now to spend on futzing
>>>> with Python integration, let alone for a one-off marginal gain.
>>> Yet, there's always time for an endless stream of messages to
>>> usenet...
>> I do it when I'm totally worn out and need the break.  Since I do
>> almost nothing but code all day lately, that happens with some
>> frequency.
> Have you considered using a language that requires less coding time?
> :)

Sure.  Otherwise I wouldn't be here.  But what I've learned about Python
says it isn't going to cut down the time for all problems.  Python has its
pitfalls that can chew up time.  The main ones that concern me right now are
integration with C++, floating point support, and integration with Visual
Studio 6.0.  Also it occurred to me last night: does Python support operator
overloading?  If it doesn't, that would totally change how I write all of my
3D calculations.

The amount of coding I need to do right now is monumental no matter what the
programming language.  If I was experienced in Python, maybe I'd get done a
week sooner.  But I'd still be working round the clock, and I don't know
when exactly I'm going to be out of the woods.

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