__import__ confusion

Leazen leazen at uol.com.ar
Fri Feb 28 00:37:52 CET 2003

 I have finally finished the functions to import any available module in
a given directory.
 I attached them for anyone who would like to see them. Any comments are
 Thanks Steven for all the fish ejem help.


PS: AFAICS, imp.load_module does not create the __file__ and __path__
attributes. Am I mistaken? Why is this so?

Steven Taschuk wrote:
> Quoth Leazen:
>>Steven Taschuk wrote:
>   [...]
>>>Some caveats:
>>>    - The loader should look for *.pyc and *.pyo files too.  Maybe even
>>>      *.so files.
>   [...]
>>>    - There's no support for package structures in the plugin directory.
>>Thank you for this excelent reply!
>>	- '.so' files? As in shared libraries?
> Yes; I'm imagining that a plugin might be provided as an
> extension.  Depending on your application, it might not be
> worthwhile spending any time thinking about this possibility.
> (In fact, the loader should probably use the data in
> imp.get_suffixes() rather than a hard-coded file name pattern.)
>   [...]
>>	- I would need to load a package structure a node at a time. I think I
>>can use the module.__path__ attribute to get the path for each node.
> Indeed.  The documentation for the imp module discusses this
> recursive technique.
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