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Steve Holden sholden at
Sat Feb 22 19:51:40 CET 2003

"Tom Bryan" <tbryan at> wrote ...
> Steve Holden wrote:
> > "Tom Bryan" <tbryan at> wrote in message
> >> To help everyone get started, I added a sort of table of contents of
> >> pages related to PyCon on the wiki
> >>
> >>
> >> Here's how to get involved:
> > [... great advice ...]
> >
> > Tom, I wondered who had done that. Great work!
> Thanks.  Of course, by setting my "Name" in the UserPreferences (link it
> right corner of every wiki page) to a WikiName, TomBryan in my case, all
> my edits are identified as made by me on the RecentChanges page.  I know
> you know that, but it would be helpful if those who want to make
> significant changes first create a WikiHomePage and set their Name to that
> page.
> > If everyone else does as much as you it will make PyCon an even better
> > conference [hint, hint].
> That would be cool.  I'd love to see more community involvement in the
> conference.
> By the way, how big of a conference are we expecting?  Any idea?
We're planning for around 300 including the speakers. We'd cope with 400 or
200 should those look likely. First time around, so nobody really knows what
kind of support this sort of conference will attract.

If the Python community wants PyCons to continue, of course, they'd be
well-advised to support this one!

Thanks again for your help with the PyCon Wiki


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