For review: PEP 308 - If-then-else expression

Andrew Dalke adalke at
Mon Feb 10 19:18:25 CET 2003

Gerhard Häring
> > Wouldn't it be great if mailman attached the link to the
> > archived mail with each mail?  Thus you could have easily
> > pointed me to that other message. [...]
> Like, say a "Message-ID" header field? :-) So you could just, say, hit
> (Locate) and enter the Message-ID in your newsreader? :-)

Actually, something a bit more.  Posts expire, but the mailing
list archive may last a very long time.  If there was some way
to include a resolver for a message-id, saying that
in combination with the message id could be used to retrieve
a message "indedfinitely" then it would be easier to make
strong links (permalinks) between articles.

Of course, that would entail changing hte usenet protocols
to discover that resolver, and I don't have the time or
enough interest to do so.

                    dalke at

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