PEP 1441: The other if-then-else issue

Dave Cole djc at
Tue Feb 11 00:41:43 CET 2003

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew MacIntyre <andymac at> writes:

Andrew> On 10 Feb 2003, Tim Churches wrote:
>> we should not forget another issue which is worth getting hot under
>> the collar about:

Andrew> This newsgroup/mailing list is about Python - please take the
Andrew> non-Python politics elsewhere.

It is not so much politics as a failure of politics.

You have to wonder about someone who is concerned so little about the
content of Tim's post that they consign it to the "random political
post" category.

Oh well.

- Dave

P.S.  Just finished reading The Moral Animal by Robert Wright.  I have
      very little hope (after reading that book) that war will be
      averted.  The self deception we constantly engage in is
      breathtaking and very, very disturbing.


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