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Mon Feb 24 20:35:28 CET 2003

sismex01 at schreef op maandag 24 februari om 20:09:15 +0000:
> > From: Alex Martelli [mailto:aleax at]
> > Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 12:50 PM
> > 
> > But, yes, somehow forbidding e.g. from exposing several
> > names such as mysweetfunction, mySweetFunction AND MysweeTfunction
> > all at once would already be one first step whose usefulness,
> > if minor, would still seemlingly be positive (e.g. it might
> > help smart editors be more useful than annoying, see above).

I think forbidding this is step 3. Step 2 is raising a Warning when
doing this, and step 1 is having an option which enables raising
a Warning for this. Maybe prodding Pythonistas for the latter is
not as difficult as making Python case insensitive (which I wouldn't
want, either).

> I believed (past tense :-) that this thread was a loss of time
> --which it is in a way--, but this little gem made me change
> my mind.
> This might just be the solution which will give case-insensitivitists
> their due, while leaving case-sensitivitists their options.
> Any PEPpers?

I may have a a look at it.


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