Python Ok under Win2000?

Manuel Garcia news at
Wed Feb 12 22:51:59 CET 2003

On 12 Feb 2003 12:20:38 -0800, chrisgarland67 at (Chris
Garland) wrote:

>Our company is thinking of making the grand leap from Win95 (yes
>really... 95) to Win2000.  I've written some Python that automates
>some of our documentation.  The program will go into Source Safe pull
>files out into a directory, gather some data on those files and write
>the results into a table in Word97.  I understand I may have some
>Python tweaking to do if the company decides to move to a newer
>version of Word but has anyone experienced issues with purely OS

When it comes to Python (and almost everything else), there are no
downsides from moving from Win95/98 to Win2000.  Here at work, I got
rid of the last Win98 machine a few months ago.  Good riddance.

For example, since Win2000 has an Environment Variables tool (Control
Panel | System | Advanced Tab), so PYTHONPATH is a trivial to set and
maintain, even for multiple users.  No more games with BAT files.


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