PyCon DC 2003 Wiki

Tom Bryan tbryan at
Sun Feb 16 05:53:12 CET 2003

Are you going to PyCon?  If so, you *should* be contributing to the PyCon 
Wiki.  I believe that the wiki is the official way for the community to get 
involved with creating our own conference.  

To help everyone get started, I added a sort of table of contents of the 
pages related to PyCon on the wiki

Here's how to get involved:
  If you have something you'd like to ask or add concerning PyCon, start at 
the CategoryPyCon page. 
  Find the appropriate page for your content, click on the link to that 
page, and edit it.  Simple!
  If no appropriate page exists, edit the category page.  Add a new WikiName 
to the list of pages on the category page, and save the modified category 
page.  Now, from the category page, click on the page name that you just 
added to create a page with the new name.  Edit the new page, making sure 
to indicate that it belongs to the CategoryPyCon category.

If you haven't looked at the PyCon wiki pages at all, you'll probably first 
want to read

Use the following page to see which pages have changed since your last visit


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