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Bishop wrote:
> > I don't see the need to add a special operator for
> > non-short-circuiting conditionals.  It would be to sufficent to
> > make a function like this standard:
> >
> > def cond(selector, valTrue, valFalse):
> >    if selector:
> >       return valTrue
> >    return valFalse
> Righ, that's easy enough, but how many bugs will be cause by
> people forgetting that it doesn't short-circuit?

Which is exactly the reason I suggested that it might be a good idea to
pursue some way of allowing a function to do lazy evaluation of its

A condition function would, as several people have said, be very
easy with that facility, and is the first use case. Hopefully, it's not
only use case, or it probably won't fly.

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