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On Monday 17 February 2003 13:25, Michele Simionato (mis6 at pitt.edu)  held 
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>> OTOH, scigraphica is a stand-alone application that (uses Numerical
>> Python and pygtk2 for scripting) renders plots. The interactive mode of
>> operation is impressive since it seems to be a near clone of Origin.
>> However, I often have lots of plots that need similar processing, and
>> thought that scripting like gnuplot might be more time-efficient. Hence
>> my question.
> The first week I started playing with Python, I used it to generate
> gnuplot scripts. I found it to be very easy and quite effective; of course
> you can also use the Gnuplot.py interface (Google is your friend), but if
> you don't know Python and you now well enough Gnuplot, I think it is
> easier to generate the gnuplot code directly.

I guess I did not make myself clear enough.

I know Gnuplot. I prefer Scigraphica. Scripting in Scigraphica needs numpy 
and pygtk. I wish to know how to best do that without having to learn the 
entire Python language (basics etc. obviously need to be learnt).

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