Reference books/tutorials?

Donnal Walter donnal at
Thu Feb 27 04:28:36 CET 2003

Mark Higgins wrote:
> anthony wrote:
>> Can anyone suggest some python/jython reference books/tutorials for a
>> newbie who's used to matlab?  Amazon had the Python bible 2.1 fairly
>> highly rated.
> I'm just getting into python as well; a very usual tome for me was The 
> Python Cookbook by Alex Martelli and David Asher. It highlights some 
> useful concepts. It also gives lots of example code written by 
> experienced python programmers - for me, anyway, that's critical to 
> getting my head around the common ways of approaching programming 
> problems which help define a language's philosophy.

I made the mistake of leaving my copy of The Python Cookbook out on a 
table in the hospital where I work (with my name boldly printed on the 
front cover). It made for some funny looks and weird comments.

Although not for beginners, The Python Cookbook is definitely a treasure.

Donnal Walter, MD
Arkansas Children's Hospital

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