Documentation for importing modules / pythonpath?

Johannes Eble skywalkerpackage at
Sun Feb 23 19:47:38 CET 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003 13:44:22 -0700, Steven Taschuk
<staschuk at> wrote:


>> [...] I prefer it because the class
>> structure, not the file structure, should influence the logical
>> structure of the program. You get this effect if you say 'One file is
>> one class, end of the story' . [...]
>There might be something different in the way we think about this
>subject -- I'm not even sure what you're saying here.

I think I first have to work a lot with Python. At the moment, I just
don't like to *have* to put several classes into one file to form a
package. I think I get quickly confused if I code in a file containing
10 classes (1 package) and I have to modify 2 of them ('oh shit, this
was the overwritten method m of the base class in this package, I
wanted to change method m of a subclass'). Probably I don't like that
packages are so tight together with a file in Python (I mean sources,
not bytecode. A jar file is fine!)


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