New-style classes and special methods

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Feb 24 08:52:27 CET 2003

Andrew Bennetts wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 01:23:24AM -0500, Jp Calderone wrote:
>>   Is this analysis of the behavior correct?  If so, what are the chances
>>   of
>> this being "fixed"?
> I believe you are correct -- new-style classes only check their class, not
> instances, for the __magic_methods__.

Exactly!  And this in turn IS a fix of the previous murky behavior,
which still abides in classic classes only for backwards compat --
there is no chance that the murky behavior of old will resurface,

Why the old behavior was ill defined is made clearest by the fact
that classes are just instances of types (their metaclasses).  E.g.:

When you call a class, say C(), what __call__ do you want to
use -- C.__call__, the per-instance one, or type(C).__call__,
the metaclass one?  Obviously the latter, or you'd have a hard
time creating instances of any class that defines __call__.  The
new and clearer rule does away with the murkiness.

Of course, you and I, Andrew, just unearthed a neat trick to
still allow "per-instance customization" over on the properties
thread -- give each instance its own custom subclass.  Maybe
Jp Calderone will want to have a look at that thread, towards
the end where the solution emerged by Andrew's and my joint
efforts.  Basically it's just a question of giving the class
whose instances have that particular need a specific __new__
method -- howeer, you can also do it in others ways, for ex. if
only a FEW of the instances need such customization you can
choose to equip only those instances with their own custom
subclasses and leave all the others to share the main class.

Here's an example of the latter idea:

def setSpecialAttr(inst, name, value):
    except AttributeError:
        class subclass(inst.__class__):
            __customized_subclass__ = True
        inst.__class__ = subclass
    setattr(inst.__class__, name, value)


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