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Wed Feb 26 20:15:37 CET 2003


I am not trying to get anyone to fight anyone, quite he contrary.. At 56 I
have spent a great deal of time/energy helping people to get along, or at
least understand each others. I am probably more proud of this than my
technical achievement (and I have done some neat stuff...).

I am just a software enginner, with need for something like Perl, or Python
(or may be both), trying to figure out what would be the best investment of
my time.

So far I have done a lot of text files processing in just plain C, (and the
old TECO too, some sed).

I wish people were not so cynical, and see bad thing in a simple question,
with no (none whatsoever) bad intention.

Did you spend ( and I) your time answering the question, I may have learned

And by the way, if one or both of the languages has some superiority, so be
it, then maybe the other will either complement or bu enhanced. This is
supposed to be the spirit of the FSF, that I greatly endorse. The KED and
GNOME story may tell you something.

If there is bigotry somewhere, let´s just reconize it for what it is and
move on.(This may be positive too).

And there is also nothing wrong at preffering a language, just for personal
taste... And being able to say why, is quite a good thing. (Refer to Donald
Knuth, or Bertrand Meyer, and others...)

After lots of C, I still prefer Pascal (excepted for low level code), that I
find cleaner, and more object oriented (file of records!) but this is
another story...

Thanks buddy.

John Smith (not my real name).

"Steve Holden" <sholden at> wrote in message
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> "John Smith" <someone at> wrote ...
> > Hello:
> >   do Perl & Python do similar things?
> >   What should be the rationalle to one or the other?
> > Thanks.
> >
> Generally speaking, if you like Python then use that. If you like Perl,
> that. Otherwise, use something you *do* like!
> Seriously, I think you're trying to get us Pythonistas to fight with the
> Perl guys. But it won't work. The Perl Foundation (well, actually YAS, but
> the two organizations are very close) is actually helping us to process
> registrations for the upcoming PyCon DC 2003 conference (at which Perl
> will be welcome, by the way). So we're buddies, right?
> regards
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