Some thoughts about Python, and non-English languages

Müller-Oertel mueller-oertel at
Fri Feb 7 19:37:07 CET 2003

Recently I asked myself: Why isn't Python more popular?

Its a powerful language, free software, open source, cross platform, has
smart developers and a friendly community behind it. And every hyped
software technology is already supported by Python. So why?

Maybe because it tends to limit itself to the English speaking world. Surf
to the homepage. Your browser automatically tells the web server
about your preferred language. Be it Spanish, French, German, Japanese or
Arabic, the server ignores it. Speak English fluently or keep out, stay
away, go elsewhere. This site is not for you.

Is this meant to attract people to Python? I doubt that. It might be
impossible to translate the site to every language of the world, but we
could do better than we do now with little effort.

There are links to foreign language resources at already, but
these are buried deeply
inside the site. So learn English first, then find the links for your
language. is a rich site already, but I feel there definitely is room for

What could be done to improve it? I suggest to name an editor for each
language. He or she should be a native speaker of this language and would
compile and maintain a basic welcome page like this:

a) A short (!) introduction to Python. One or two paragraphs about what
Python is.

b) Tell the visitor that Python supports his language and special characters
or alphabet.

c) Mention at least the major supported operating systems, provide download

d) If there is a newsgroup or mailing list for the language, mention it and
provide a link to its FAQ. In any case provide a link to a list of all
python related newsgroups and mailing lists in all languages.

e) A list of tutorials and ebooks (if any); a link to a list of all
tutorials and ebooks in all languages.

f) A list of printed books (if any); a link to a list of all printed books
in all languages.

g) A list of carefully selected links (private home pages, user groups,
python related projects and companies).

Every visitor to would then be automatically redirected to the
welcome page in his or her language.

Let us make everyone everywhere know and feel Python is made for them.

Please tell me what you think about this concept.


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