declaration of variables?

laotseu bdesth at
Fri Feb 21 01:46:36 CET 2003

Mark Charsley wrote:
> In article <b2r14h02bfp at>, aleaxit at (Alex 
> Martelli) wrote:
>>Rather, consider a hypothetical language where I have to declare ALL
>>variables AND constants I'll be using later on:
>>    variables x, y, z, y
>>    constants 23, 34, 45, 56
>>       ...
>>    x = 23
> According to _all_ coding standards I've ever seen, that's exactly what 
> one should do. Instead of littering ones code with magic numbers, one 
> should create manifest constants in one (and only one) location, and then 
> use the constants in one's code. 

I think you got it wrong... Alex was talking of having to declare 
*litteral* constants, not *symbolic* constants.

Have you ever heard of any language that require you to declare 
*litteral* constants ?-)


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