Running a Tkinter GUI in WIN98 without the useless DOS window?

Jack Crane jdcrane7 at
Sat Feb 1 18:23:21 CET 2003

"vincent wehren" <v.wehren at> wrote in 
news:b1goh2$b5e$1 at

>> > Try calling your modules *.pyw instead of *.py.
>> Nope. Still get the DOS window.
> Well, I don't...
> How are you starting the module exactly?

Not sure what you mean by "module", but the script is "qs.pyw". I call it 
by clicking on its icon in the Python2.2 folder, or by clicking on a 
shortcut to it. 

If I start it through IDLE by opening the script and then running it, it 
runs with no DOS window, but IDLE then becomes unusable, and also won't 
close in the normal way. 

Did you take a look at at ?

Jack Crane

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