Number format; newbie makes deep heartfelt whinge

John Machin sjmachin at
Tue Feb 18 23:30:12 CET 2003

alloydflanagan at (A. Lloyd Flanagan) wrote in message news:<a8b7f07a.0302180652.69dbbda7 at>...
> Gary Duncan <gmduncan at> wrote in message news:<3E51E708.5010803 at>...
> >   bushfires DownUnder. No doubt you and other US Pythonistas are also busy
> >   with snow shovels, and lining your plush mansions with plastic sheeting
> >   and duct tape  :->
> Yes, we've got snow shovels, but my plush mansion looks a lot like a
> three-room apartment :).  And you can do all sorts of interesting
> things with plastic sheeting and duct tape...

Half your luck, downunder we're still scratching our heads pondering a
possible alternative use for government-issued fridge magnets.

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