Some thoughts about Python, and non-English languages

Ron Stephens rstephens at
Sun Feb 9 00:40:15 CET 2003

Marcus wrote " The editor of each language is only supposed to
> compile and maintain one single (welcome) page. This page contains mainly
> hand picked quality links to resources related to his or her language.
> This would help especially first time visitors who have poor knowledge of
> English (or none at all) to discover Python.""

I indeed believe that this is an important idea and I certainly hope
that you or someone will be able to find enough support to implement
it. Making the effort to appeal to people of all languages is a very
Pythonic idea and fits well into the mantra of "computer programming
for everybody".

The goal of having each editor simply provide a quality home page for
his/her language seems reasonable and obtainable, if only you can find
capable volunteers for 10 or so major languages for starters. Surely
the folks and the community at large will support such a

By keeping the goal modest (one major home page of quality links for
each language) your chances for success go up considerably; the effort
can always be expanded at a later date.

I heartily wish you good luck and success! :-))

Ron Stephens
Python City

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