RELEASED: Python 2.3a2

Tim Peters at
Fri Feb 21 03:05:52 CET 2003

[SUZUKI Hisao]
> ...
> (I have already posted the patch with a bit of different flavor
> to as Request ID 671666 on 21 Jan 2003;

For easier browsing:

> however, it seems to have been simply ignored.

It clearly wasn't ignored:  Martin rejected the patch.  Unfortunately, he
left for a long vacation during the week that elapsed before you responded
to his rejection.  He's still on vacation.

> I am afraid the problem may be critical to many pythoneers in East
> Asia.)

It would probably help if even one of them added a comment to the patch
report <wink>.  I don't understand the issues, and defer to Martin based on
his superb track record in resolving these kinds of issues.  There are still
a few months to resolve this before 2.3 final is released, so don't worry
too much.

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