float / double support in Python?

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Fri Feb 14 00:02:14 CET 2003

jsaul wrote:

> What other language would you consider easier to learn than
> English? I am referring to written English, the weird
> pronounciation "rules" are a different issue, of course.
> Latin? French? Spanish? Or Chinese?

Of the written languages, Classical Chinese is pretty easy to learn.
However, once you know the grammar and have a decent -- say a 8.000
character vocab -- you face a real hurdle. Reading enough to know all the
necessary allusions by heart.

As Andrew says, a fairly regular language like Swahili might fit
the bill (but I haven't much direct experience with Swahili). I think
Danish is a spelling disaster worse than English, but the grammar is
nice. Classical Tibetan feels like Lisp. Easy syntax, deep thoughts.

Perhaps I might offer my own language: Denden -- simple syntax,
simple spelling, quite expressive. And equally difficult for
everyone (except for me):

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