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Thu Feb 6 14:52:05 CET 2003

Cameron Laird пишет:
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> Gumuz <gumuz at> wrote:
>>hmm, there has been a lot of these questions already and believe me.... in
>>the end they all boil down to 'pick what you like best'. so try them out i'd
>>say, unless you have specific wishes ofcourse. my personal favorite is
> I'll say the same in slightly different words:
> 1.  read what has already been written on this subject;
>     there's a great deal there; and

My provider doesn't store old headers on his server. When I try to open 
any old message I get an error message has expired. Therefore I ask my 

> 2.  if you tell us more about your specific interests
>     (do you care about MacOS X?  What does GUI mean to
>     you--form painting, canvas work, 3D, ...?  And so on),
>     we're likely to answer more specifically.

In fact I need to create enough functional interface for DB-application. 
As back-end I need to switch from time to time between xbase-files (dbf) 
and any sql-server (ibase, mysql, sybase sql antwhere). We convert data 
from desktop format and then we perform a number of operations with our 
data. Mainly different analysis operations and large reporting. 
Therefore I asked before about any powerful library to work with 
dbf-files. We extreme need of read/write library. But now I need to 
decide about GUI-lib and then I need to find a library for xbase-files 
work. Maybe we will try to work via odbc.

Nicolay Vasiliev

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