"self" in a class is annoying and errorprone

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at opus-gmbh.net
Wed Feb 12 12:08:20 CET 2003

Meinrad Recheis <meinrad.recheis at aon.at> wrote:
> hello everyone,
> I think it must be possible to change python so that self can be omitted 
> inside a class
> [...]

It has been discussed a gazillion times already.

> shouldn t that be discussed for the sake of PYTHON?

You can use http://groups.google.com/ to search for previous discussions.

Enter group:comp.lang.python in the search box plus whatever Python-related
you're searching for.

For example:

    group:comp.lang.python omit self

This will yield as first hit:

    Re: Why self?
    ... self.name = name self.address = address Under your situation,
    I can't just omit self, since then there would be instance and
    local variables with the same name ...
    comp.lang.python - 6 Jul 2002 by Brian McErlean - View Thread (110 articles)

You see, there are not that many new topic for comp.lang.python.

There's also an entry in the Python FAQ:

-- Gerhard

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