Can Python work for me?

Adam Rumpke goldstonrumpke at
Wed Feb 19 02:30:25 CET 2003

I had a question asked to me that I cannot answer. I am curious if
Python could be used to act as a CGI for a printer web browser
interface. This job requires the web/file server to send the users a
message telling them the status.

FOR EXAMPLE: If I want to print and the printer is jammed a user at
home will need to know the printer is not working. I would like the
system to send a message via
the browser with out the browser constantly reloading. Could Python do

Although, I am computer literate I wont be writing the scripts myself.
I would like to use Python as an option now, since I see it a
promising option for other projects. Having my existing programmers
use the Python option should reduce the costs as well.

How could this job be done in Python? 

Any help would be appriciated.


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