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Mike Meyer mwm at
Sun Feb 23 17:55:36 CET 2003

Irmen de Jong <irmen at> writes:

> Mike Meyer wrote:
> >>        <heh> If memory serves, Irmen actually had an ARexx port
> >> added to AmigaPython <G>
> > Yup. You could control ARexx-controllable applications (meaning
> > almost
> > all of them) from Python.
> Even more interesting, AmigaPython can run as an Arexx Host, meaning
> that every Arexx capable application can also control AmigaPython
> trough an Arexx port. This way you could do *very* powerful things
> from Arexx scripts, because stuff like network access could be
> done by AmigaPython and you call it from your Arexx script.

Scheme->C did that as well. Well, not the network access. What I loved
was adding Rexx scripts to mg to ship functions to a running Scheme->C
interpreter. Hmm. I wonder what it would take to get emacs python-mode
to send a function to the python interpreter buffer?

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