cross platform application configuration files

Fernando Perez fperez528 at
Fri Feb 28 22:29:40 CET 2003

Lee Harr wrote:

>> def get_home_dir():
>>     """Return the closest possible equivalent to a 'home' directory.
>>     For Posix systems, this is $HOME, and on NT it's
>>     Currently only Posix and NT are implemented, a HomeDirError exception
>>     is raised for all other OSes. """ #'
> Yea! This is more what I was talking about.
> Is this pep-worthy?
> Does not seem like it should go in the configparser module,
> but where else?

Well, it's part of ipython (
already (it goes in genutils, a mishmash of useful stuff I think python
should have to begin with).  

At some point I'd like ipython to be shipped as a 'shell with real
batteries' with python, but that won't happen for quite a while still (the
code is internally a huge mess).  I mean, I won't even _ask_ for it to be
considered until it's cleaner.  And then it's up to the powers that be
whether they'd want it or not.

Feel free to use it for your purposes in the meantime.  I'd appreciate
getting back improvements you make to it.



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