Fw: Case sensitivity

laotseu bdesth at removethis.free.fr
Sun Feb 23 03:58:16 CET 2003

Alex Martelli wrote:
> Arthur wrote:
>    ...
>>seems incredible that you would not overcome the temptation to press the
>>beginner issue.
> Get over your incredulity, then, because the issue IS in good part
> connected to what happens when one is BEGINNING to use a
> new large module or package -- and in this sense we're all beginners
> reasonably often, unless we sleep on our laurels.  David Mertz made
> the point quite well, I think, verbalizing how one must fumble to
> reconstruct (or rather memorize by rote) that while in module "string"
> and type "str" one must use lowercase, in StringIO one must use
> uppercase, EXCEPT that although the (case-sensitive) C language
> HAS an uppercase name, one must STILL lowercase it to obtain
> the name of module cStringIO, or else Python will scream at you.
> It's worse for total beginners, people who have not yet internalized
> the fact that computer programs are designed with bad human
> interfaces and WILL scream at you for no good reason on weird
> occasions.  And that applies, in some corners or other, even to
> programs that are generally quite good.  "Python fits your brain",
> except when you think that the "C" in "CStringIO" should be in
> uppercase, because in this case it doesn't, and your brain must
> instead warp to fit Python's stupid case-sensitivity -- "oh well".

Err... Excuse me sir, but is really the problem you describe related to 
case-sensitivity ? I agree that having to remember on a module or 
package basis what is "all_lower_with_underscore_" and what is 
"mixedCaseWithCamelNotation" - and actually what is a weird mix between 
the two and everything else - is a bit, well... :(

But I still prefer case sensitivity (having worked full-time with case 
insensitive languages). It's just too bad there is no standardWayToDoIt 
(or standard_way_to_do_it, I personnaly have no preference).


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