Virtual access of class attribute from within the class

Stefan Quandt squan at
Tue Feb 25 12:49:26 CET 2003

How can I access a class attribute (or class method)
from within the class in a virtual way, so that in a derived class
the the member of the derived class will be accessed?

Here is a non-working example to explain what I mean:

class A( object ):
    hello = None
    def __init__( self ):
    def _setHello( x  ):
        A.hello = x * x	# How can this assignment be made virtual?
    setHello = staticmethod( _setHello )
class B( A ):
    hello = None	# Without this statement B.hello will be A.hello!

B.setHello( 10 )	# Here B.hello shall be set
print A.hello, B.hello	# (but of course is not).

Since python is an oo language and all members ar virtual, there should be
a simple way to achieve that.
Who knows how?

- Stefan

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