Introduction to Socket Programming on Python

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Feb 27 13:34:41 CET 2003

bob wrote:
> I just want some examples since I find they are the easiest way to
> learn usually; you can play with them and change things until you
> really understand them. I usually learn much more from 10 lines of
> code than a chapter in a text book!

For sockets, I agree, which is why the Nutshell chapter on socket
and server-side programming hinges on a series of short examples --
just "echo servers", mind you (and the related clients), but I
believe that seeing how it's done with stream sockets, datagram
sockets, select, asyncore, Twisted, &c, helpd a lot.  However, the
Nutshell won't be in the shops for (I believe) another couple of
weeks; when it is, you can download the examples from O'Reilly's
site, even without purchasing the book.  The Cookbook of course is
ALL based on examples and discussion thereof -- and that one is
out since July last year, so you CAN already download all of the
examples/recipes (code only, not discussion) from O'Reilly's site.
If you do want just the examples without the text, that could be
cheap and productive!


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