sprintf behaviour

Carl Banks imbosol-1045956358 at aerojockey.com
Sun Feb 23 00:39:34 CET 2003

Bj?rn Lindberg wrote:
> Carl Banks <imbosol-1045931606 at aerojockey.com> writes:
>> Also, the 1$ thing in the printf is nonstandard.  I guess it works
>> with GCC, but I doubt it works with other C compilers.  Even if Python
>> did try to duplicate printf exactly, it wouldn't be a bug to leave out
>> a nonstandard feature.
> AFAIK, it is included in POSIX, so it should work on any
> POSIX-compatible system.

I was speaking of ISO C, of course.  Python runs on many non-POSIX
systems, so it can't include every little POSIXism.


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