Does python suck or I am just stupid?

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> I've been tearing my hair out over a bug(?) I've come across.  I've
> only been programming in Python for a few months so I'm no expert. 
> I've seen the same behavior in Python2.2 on several different
> machines.  Instead of banging my head against the wall even more, I
> thought I would ask the community for help.

This is not a problem with the language, and the same thing would happen 
if you wrote that code in any other language.  It's a problem with your 
understanding of floating point arithmetic.

One of the better discussions of what floating point means and how it 
works turns out to be in the Python docs:
For a little more technical detail, see

But the basic issue here is, floating point numbers are not infinitely 
precise, so you can't expect == to work with two floats that were 
computed by two different expressions.

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