Python vs. C++ Builder - speed of development

Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Tue Feb 4 02:48:04 CET 2003

Bengt Richter wrote:
> I haven't gotten much of a picture yet of what kind of game you are
> making.  Spherical parcheesi?

A Turn Based Strategy ala Sid Meier's Civilization / Alpha Centauri.  Title
is "Ocean Mars."  It's about what Man would have done with Mars had it been
habitable.  Starts in 1975 during the Cold War, Soviets land first.  Ends
about 500 years later.  Sci-fi treatment is realistic and timeline is fairly
similar to ours.  For instance, the USSR doesn't stay commie, it collapses
roughly on schedule same as in real life.  Colonization in a really mass
immigration sense doesn't start happening until 2150, you need some time for
people to invent large transport ships.  Previous to that it's mostly
research stations.

> Why are you interested in meshing a sphere with
> pentagonal regions of triangles (I got that impression anyway)?

Because awhile ago, I decided that to sell this concept to the game player,
I really needed a bona fide planet.  Not a typical sidescroll
can't-cross-the-poles map.

> Are you looking
> for help translating a mouse click on the 3D image to triangle
> id/coordinates to data indices?

No, I'm doing fine, thanks.  :-)

> Bottom line: What did you come to c.l.p to find?

Hm, why *did* I... ah, I remember now!  I'm getting to the point where
pretty soon I'll need 2D GUI elements.  It's an awfully big pain in the ass
using WIN32 for that, so I thought I'd see what's available.  Along the way,
we got into arguments about whether Python is this big timesaver over C++
for all problem domains and development scenarios.  I say it is not.

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