Myth: Python is ideal for beginners

Max maxx at
Fri Feb 7 18:15:52 CET 2003

All this whining because he cannot find free, commercially available books on
Kazaa. Wants to build a career without investment.



On 6 Feb 2003 10:44:46 -0800, dickerc6 at (pedro alvarez) wrote:

>'Python is ideal for beginers'
>How many times have i seen that statement?
>Is python ideal for beginners?
>Upon close investigation and thinking, this is what i found out:


>So, the conclusion is the python community at the moment is an ideal
>refugee shelter,and not a place for fresh recruits.
>To further demonstrate, can u show me a prominent author who began his
>programming with python?(chuckle,chuckle)

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