Case insensitivity

Arthur ajsiegel at
Sat Feb 22 04:57:34 CET 2003

>A language that is case-insensitive encourages a similar type of laziness.
I don't want it to do that.

In fact the study that originally aroused Guido's concern about case
insensitivity, also came to the following disconcerting conclusion:

"Typing is hard".

They were serious enough to have run with the conclusion. Though I am the
suspicious sort and have a little chicken and egg problem - thinking perhaps
the study "conclusions" too conveniently justified them in going exactly
where they already knew they wanted to go.  Which was to design an
environment which claims to introduce folks (up to college) to programming,
but that requires none of that hard typing stuff. I have trouble keeping a
straight face.  But that apparently is me.


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