Octal number problem

Gary Duncan gmduncan at netspace.net.au
Thu Feb 20 03:45:43 CET 2003

Raymond Hettinger wrote:
> [Gary Duncan]
>>Python has the quaint behaviour of interpreting
>>a numeric string with a leading zero as octal, a bit like C.
>>How does one disable this behaviour, ie get it to
>>treat such strings as a "normal" decimal number ?
> The int() function will assume base 10 and ignore the
> leading zero cue for octal:
> 100

Thanks Raymond - the secret is the quotes, as I've just noted
in a test.

I see :-

int (0100) yields 64, whereas as you point out

int ("0100") yields 100.

One of my Python books mentions int(N) and in an example
quotes N but doesn't say that it forces base-10

Ain't the WEB wonderful :) Post a question and get an answer before
you can make a cup of coffee.

- Gary (now a happy quoter )

> Raymond Hettinger

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