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> Richard Jones wrote:
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> > On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 1:06 pm, Steven Cummings wrote:
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> > > def A.print(self):
> > >    "print a string representation to sys.stdout"
> > >    print self._value
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> > I'd vote -1 for this simply because there's already a way to do
> The existing way is fine assuming assuming you only want
> to do this rarely. But I can think of a reason for wanting
> to do this a lot.
> When I have more than one class in a source file, and I'm
> looking at a method definition, it can be hard to tell which
> class it belongs to. In order to get a sense of where abouts
> I am, I have to scroll up until I find the class statement,
> and then scroll back down again to where I was. This is
> terribly disruptive to one's flow of thought.

I think this is an IDE problem. I'm currently learning Eclipse
for Java, and I think I'm going to like the outline view a lot.
That gives me a thumbnail view of the module by the side
of the edit window.

John Roth

> If I could declare all my methods using the above style,
> this problem would go away.
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