Tutorial/Review link to c.l.p

pedro alvarez dickerc6 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 8 00:45:23 CET 2003

Well Daniel, it seems we had different things in mind.

Having looked into wikis, i realised it was more than what i had in
I have been and still am collecting resources from c.l.p on GUI's, and
Ms windows
networked enviroment issues (MSSql,Exchange,etc). I just wanted to add
some structure to my collection whilst updating it.

So i wanted to put it up on my website if anyone thought it would be
useful. This is also because i saw the same
questions being asked, and the same answers and opinions. So probably
it wouldnt be useful for existing python users, but for new ones who
want to know which tool is right for them.

I currently organize my information using mozilla bookmarks and ms
If you think its better for newbies to use google search or asking
i'll keep using moz and access for myself then.
Anyway, i would be interested in contributing to a collaborative wiki,
but i
just wouldnt know how to initiate one.

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