PyCon DC 2003 Wiki

Tom Bryan tbryan at
Fri Feb 21 12:01:50 CET 2003

Steve Holden wrote:

> "Tom Bryan" <tbryan at> wrote in message

>> To help everyone get started, I added a sort of table of contents of the
>> pages related to PyCon on the wiki
>> Here's how to get involved:
> [... great advice ...]
> Tom, I wondered who had done that. Great work!

Thanks.  Of course, by setting my "Name" in the UserPreferences (link it top 
right corner of every wiki page) to a WikiName, TomBryan in my case, all of 
my edits are identified as made by me on the RecentChanges page.  I know 
you know that, but it would be helpful if those who want to make 
significant changes first create a WikiHomePage and set their Name to that 

> If everyone else does as much as you it will make PyCon an even better
> conference [hint, hint].

That would be cool.  I'd love to see more community involvement in the 

By the way, how big of a conference are we expecting?  Any idea?


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