Can Python work for me?

Steven Taschuk staschuk at
Wed Feb 19 21:22:32 CET 2003

Quoth Alex Martelli:
> Adam Rumpke wrote:
> > FOR EXAMPLE: If I want to print and the printer is jammed a user at
> > home will need to know the printer is not working. I would like the
> > system to send a message via
> > the browser with out the browser constantly reloading. Could Python do
> > this?
> It doesn't matter much what language you use on the server-side
> for this: you want to do something outside the parameters of the
> HTTP protocol, which is based on request/response, i.e. have the
> server "initiate" something [...]

Well, you could run a special-purpose HTTP server on the client
machine, and have the print server send HTTP POSTs to that server
to inform it of job status, etc..  That's "inside" HTTP, in a
certain sense.

(Not to dispute your point that a vanilla browser and server can't
do this without polling.)

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