Is Kazaa distribution part of the answer? (was: Python and p2p)

Chris Keyes chrisk at
Thu Feb 6 00:21:25 CET 2003

> I'll answer on the part of our friend; I think you're right about the
> quality of the VB and C# books, and I am relatively confident that you
> can get sufficient toner and paper for less money than you would spend
> on a book. Your product will be less desirable, but it will have cost
> you $3-5 versus $30-50.

Well I costed printing the MySQL manual and it was quite a bit cheaper 
for my to buy the OREILY version. (University charge 4p a page for laser 
printing on their industrial printers, this is 'cost price' aparrently.

My own costs are:
Toner is about £50 for 4000 pages      = 0.0125p per page
Paper is about £3 for 500 pages        = 0.006
Drum is about £90 for 20000 pages      = 0.0045
Printer is about £200 for 100000 pages = 0.002

Price per page (excluding printer) = £0.023
Price per page (including printer) = £0.025

MySQL Manual is 833 pages(PDF)
£19.16 (excluding printer)
£20.83 (inc printer)
University Laser cost £33.32

Now factor in time, binding (who wants to put 800 pages into a ring 
binder, or worse into plastic pockets and into a ring binder.

Amazon price for printed item is £22.80, or 19.98 from the market place, 
so on your desk for about £22 ish.

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