OT - Python with CVS or SourceSafe

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sun Feb 2 10:55:19 CET 2003

dsavitsk wrote:
> So, I am interested in whether people are using Visual SourceSafe, or if
> they are using CVS in win32, what the benefits and drawbacks are w/r/t
> Python. Also, I found a PythonWin patch from 2.1 days for supporting
> SourceSafe checkins, but no hint as to whether this was now part of
> PythonWin, or if it should be.

I strongly recommend using CVS, but via something like WinCVS so you 
don't have to learn and use the sometimes-cumbersome command line
interface.  I can't speak for others, but in my group we purchased
SourceSafe almost four years ago and attempted to use it in a group
with five programmers for about a year, but eventually gave up in 
disgust after repeated data loss and confusion about how to use the
tool (yes, it's even possible the data loss could be attributable to
our confusion, but on at least one occasion I'm certain it was not).  
With WinCVS, we've never yet lost data and find it surprisingly 
easy to use.

As for supporting PythonWin etc, I can't say as I've concluded it's
better not to couple support for revision control directly into the
rest of my development tools.  It takes only seconds to switch to
the WinCVS window for file management, and we don't become dependent
on one or two editors which have the necessary support, but just use
the best tool as judged in ways that matter for text editing.

Benefits and drawbacks with respect to Python?  None on either side,
but then from the point of view of a revision control system, Python
code is just another text file...


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