PEP 308: Helping Aahz to set up the ballot.

Damien Morton newsgroups1 at
Thu Feb 20 04:50:17 CET 2003

Would reducing the abllot from 15 to 10 items make that much difference?

I happen to think the division into groups rather arbritary.

Why not put all the options to the community and see how it goes.

"Erik Max Francis" <max at> wrote in message
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> "Chermside, Michael" wrote:
> > When Aahz gets back he's going to have to conduct some kind of a
> > vote, and the above is obviously WAY too many options. So I am
> > volunteering to help Aahz out by making it easier for him to tell
> > what are the "important" syntaxes which belong on the ballot. I
> > will collect "seconds" -- just write to me letting me know which
> > of the syntaxes you believe are important enough that they belong
> > "on the ballot". I'll keep a count and let Aahz know the results.
> An obvious choice would simply be to eliminate the group III proposals
> (those which were never "seconded" -- they never received any
> independent support), and include just what's in I (mentioned in the
> PEP) and II (proposed and seconded).
> I think suggesting for feedback via email on anything at this point is
> going to send the wrong message, despite your disclaimers.
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