Python in a VS 6.0 environment?

Brandon Van Every vanevery at
Sat Feb 8 02:57:50 CET 2003

Florian Schulze wrote:
> Try it the other way around, write your 3D code in C++, wrap it with
> Boost or SWIG and write the mainloop and your AI in Python.

Thanks for the suggestion.

> And you shouldn't burn out your brain, then don't read any
> documentation or website people suggest you and just ask the
> questions here which sometimes even are in the FAQs, only because you
> are too lazy. (I guess there is some bad grammar in that sentence)

So bad, that only the last clause explains your intent.

> And you should just try out the approaches others suggested to you
> and not ask them to chew it small enough for you to swallow.

I disagree.  I've got things in 3D graphics that are trivial for me to talk
about.  I'm sure quite a number of people around here have the same level of
knowledge about Python.  I profit by asking "easy" questions in newsgroups,
it saves me time.  If it's a big waste of your time to answer, don't answer.
I'm not expecting thesis material from you, only what easily pours out of
your head.

Wild goose chases on websites generally consume more time even when they do
provide the answers.  Asking human beings "Hey, what about..." is much more
productive for a wide class of problems, if you can afford the latency of
the answers.  I only do the pain of looking everything up when I gotta know
the answer *right now*.

> I guess, after that paragraph, I'm welcome to your killfile.

Telling me I'm lazy doesn't bother me.  I'm perfectly happy to tell you why
/ when you *should* be lazy.

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