Python for .NET - Still inactive?

Alex K. Angelopoulos aka at
Fri Feb 14 23:35:38 CET 2003

The blurb on the Python.NET link from Starship's page of implementations
indicates that it is inactive - as does the fact that ActiveState's experimental
version is dated late 2001 and Mark Hammond's code is from 2002-04.

 I haven't looked through the "Lessons Learned" paper yet, but I assume there
are some significant constraints on what is feasible right now; the fact that
Python is fundamentally self-hosted is something which restricts the need and
increases the issues in porting to an arbitrary platform, not to mention IDE
issues, etc. if someone wants full integration.  And then there's Parrot,
whatever its implications are for this.

In any case, it looks like Chetan Gadgil has implemented a handy wrapper for
calling Python from .NET.  Is there anything full-formed yet for calling .NET
classes from Python?

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